Lifetime Achievement Award

John Lovie, former Whidbey Island Water System Association President, is recognized for his Lifetime Achievement. John also served on other boards and committees during his tenure, including the Water Resources Advisory Committee (WIWSA). He founded and still runs the WIWSA newsletter, which covers topics like emerging contaminants, regulations, and available funding. He’s also served on nine local community scientific organizations, providing his expertise and hours of his time. He is passionate about water conservation and works tirelessly to advocate for the preservation of natural resources. John is involved with the PFAS response and is a member of the PFAS Chemical Action Plan Advisory Committee. Part of that work is making recommendations to the Department of Ecology. It also works to ensure safe drinking water, managing environmental contamination, and reduce PFAS in products available to consumers. John’s work encompasses the whole of Island County, not just his own community.

Drinking Water Week | Washington State Department of Health