Water follows me everywhere

Postcard from Finland Water has run through everything I’ve done, thought, or read this week. Here, I’ll try to pull some of those streams together. I’m leaning heavily and gratefully on links and quotes this week, as I’m supposed to be on vacation! Water, in the form of fog, delayed the start of this year’s Ironman 70.3 World Championship women’s race in Lahti, Finland. For those who are following, my wife finished the race in a very respectable time. See my Instagram for some videos. I’m so proud of her! Sadly, water also took a life in that race. A … Continue reading Water follows me everywhere

Spring of life

It seems that drinking water stories find me, even on vacation. I’m in Lahti, Finland, where my wife is competing in Ironman 70.3 Worlds. It seems that drinking water stories follow me everywhere. This was in her gear bag, and I couldn’t resist sharing it. It’s great that instead of selling bottled water, they have the local municipally owned water company promote refilling bottles with tap water. The QR code leads to a great video explaining everything from how the aquifer was formed to waste water treatment. It’s impressive! I believe we might have one subscriber who will be able … Continue reading Spring of life


This week’s post is a buffet. A bunch of things are going on, but none of them are quite rising to the level of a full post, at least not just yet. This is a general news round up. I chose this Swedish title for the post, because next week we’re headed off to – well, Finland actually. The title’s OK though because they speak Swedish in part of Finland, and we’re changing planes in Sweden on the way back. We’re going there because my wife is competing in Ironman 70.3 Worlds. You can look forward to a post about … Continue reading Smörgåsbord