About that Toilet Paper

Is PFAS from toilet paper contaminating our drinking water? A new study published this week was showed that toilet paper is a major contributor to PFAS in wastewater. Rural Washington State relies heavily on septic systems for sewage treatment and on ground water wells for drinking water. In voluntary testing of public water systems in Washington State, PFAS compounds have been detected in about 10% of them. Could PFAS from our toilet paper be showing up in our drinking water? Scientists at the University of Florida recruited volunteers from around the world to collect and send in samples of toilet … Continue reading About that Toilet Paper

A big thank you!

John Lovie: Jan Holmes Costal Volunteer of the Year I’m reluctant to post things about myself, particularly when it’s good news, but as about half the readership of this blog had something to do with this award coming my way, I’m going post this as a big thank you! This is as much about the relationships I’ve built along the way as it is about the work. The truth is that one could not have happened without the other. Thank you, all of you, for reading this and for caring about the issues I write about. Here’s an article about … Continue reading A big thank you!