John Lovie – 2023 Jan Holmes Island County Coastal Volunteer of the Year

Island County Marine Resource Committee (

John Lovie is a leader in the world of water quality and marine resource conservation. He is well deserved in winning the Jan Holmes award for 2023.

 This award, presented by the Island County Marine Resources Committee, Sound Water Stewards, and WSU Extension – Island County, is given every year to an outstanding volunteer whose efforts contribute to the protection and restoration of the Island County marine ecosystem and coastal resources. The award is named to honor the memory of Jan Holmes, an exemplary marine scientist, educator, and champion for stewardship of the marine environment.

 John has been an avid volunteer, dedicating countless hours as part of community science organizations and community-driven boards to improve the water quality, coastal resources, and health of Island County. He can often be heard in his various committees as a voice of reason. He will take on projects and do the difficult work to drive environmental actions and ideas forward. John does more than simply attend meetings; whether he’s giving his opinion on a new Salmon Recovery project or developing technical tools, he always brings a presence of mind and critical eye to Island County’s restoration projects. His words are well thought out and considered, and his passion for protecting and restoring the environment and enhancing water quality always comes through. Island County and the Puget Sound region have benefited from his scientific background and expertise, and his prolific volunteering in multiple areas has given him a vast well of knowledge and context to work from. He shares information from all of his committees and uses it to enhance local knowledge, make connections, and drive projects forward. His background in chemistry and engineering makes him an expert who benefits every organization he is a part of.

 He has been a powerhouse of environmental advocacy for Island County’s water and marine resources. Community science advisory boards do not often get the recognition they deserve for the work they do to advance environmental causes and members often go without recognition. The boards that John has served on have benefited greatly from the work he has done, and while that work is often behind-the-scenes, it has driven forward many positive changes for Island County’s (and the region’s) ecological resources.

 Congratulations to John and thank you for all of your hard work to make the Salish Sea a better place!