A small milestone for Mostly Water

Today, Mostly Water reached 50 subscribers. A short post today to thank all of you who are kind enough to read what I write here. Back in November last year, a writer friend moved her work to Substack. I came over to check it out and wound up moving my old blog posts here. Recently, I added in an occasional email newsletter for friends. Substack added a feature called Notes which allow you to post quick thoughts and respond to others’ notes. Soon I had fifty followers in seven countries and seven US states. If you’re interested in starting your … Continue reading A small milestone for Mostly Water

Can I buy bottled water with food stamps?

As the Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water Act celebrate their 50th anniversaries, they are failing rural Americans. I started typing and Google was ready with suggestions. Why is this such a common question in America in 2023? The Safe Drinking Water Act excludes private wells On the Safe Drinking Water Act website The EPA states that “Over 92 percent of the population supplied by community water systems receives drinking water that meets all health-based standards all of the time.” SDWA does not regulate private wells which serve fewer than twenty five individuals. These wells serve thirteen percent of … Continue reading Can I buy bottled water with food stamps?

♻️It may be time to recycle the recycle logo

EPA calls out greenwashing in recycling claims. This newsletter is Mostly Water, but it’s not All Water All the Time. For a change of pace, here’s something that’s mostly plastics. In an action memo to the Federal Trade Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency has recommended a major review of plastics recycling practices. The EPA writes: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) appreciates the opportunity to provide comments on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims (“Green Guides” or “Guides”) with respect to preventing greenwashing in advertising, supporting reliable sustainability claims, and increasing the effectiveness … Continue reading ♻️It may be time to recycle the recycle logo