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Thank you for being here! Mostly Water started out as an “infodump” email newsletter to a dozen local friends. Since moving it to WordPress and Substack, I have subscribers in thirty-six states and twenty-eight countries! It’s time to show everyone around. I’ll keep this post updated and pinned to the home page so you can always come back here.

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Those of you who came over from the email list may not know that Mostly Water on Substack is a web site at well as an email newsletter. On the web site you’ll find an about page, an archive of past posts, and a link to Notes. On the podcast page, you’ll find audio versions of many of my posts. For the latest posts, recommendations to other newsletters, links to my personal web site, my photography and other pages I manage, go to the home page.

Substack is a platform for writers. In addition to the website, there’s an app for Android and IOS. Through either, you can comment on posts, find other authors you might like to subscribe to or follow, and read and comment on Notes.

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I try to write about once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. I write mostly about water. Water’s the lens through which I look at the environmental challenges of our time, but also society, culture, and community. Although the examples may be local, the issues are global. I’ll occasionally cross-post another newsletter from an author I think you’ll enjoy. Leave a comment

Most of my posts are tagged with one of following:

I’ll keep this list updated as I add more.

Substack has a paid subscription option, but it’s my intention to keep all posts available to free subscribers. Thank you to those who have chosen to pay for a subscriptions. Paid subscriptions help me keep my voice independent.

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