Online Communities are a Lifeline

Don’t throw them out with the social media bathwater This post is part of a series about community. Here’s a link to the previous community posts. The groups I’ve discussed so far all meet in person, although they do use a variety of online tools for organization including email, Facebook, and GroupMe. In this post, we’ll look at groups that meet primarily online. After COVID pushed in-person groups online, using technologies such as Zoom to meet, many have chosen to stay there. With the descent of X, Facebook, and Instagram into algorithm-driven advertising and outrage sites, people are turning to … Continue reading Online Communities are a Lifeline

A Pink De Rosa

Cycling, part of series about community There have been many bicycles in my life, and they all have stories. “But it’s a girls’ bike!” My younger brother said, when our dad brought home our first bike. We were about six and eight years old. He had bought it from a friend at work for two shillings and sixpence and carried it the four miles home over his shoulder. We learned to ride it in loops around the back yard, and very occasionally on the street under strict supervision. That bike, with many things, was sold when we moved to a … Continue reading A Pink De Rosa